Governance for Sustainable and Digital Investment Management

Welcome to Alpha Governance Partners: high-end investment and fintech fiduciaries.

You run an organization or tech platform that manages or overlooks a large amount of investments, billions is a lot, a million is also a lot… It’s highly stimulating though.

You do the reading on developments in capital markets, market structure, investment strategies, risk management, regulatory changes, new technologies and so much more.

You are faced with a wide array and a huge number of investment or technological ideas, you need to navigate carefully…

You acknowledge the scrutiny of your decisions by all the stakeholders out there: investors, the ecosystem, regulators, the public, staff and others.

You allocate, invest and trade, yes, you take your fiduciary responsibilities very serious, it’s a demanding world.

As directors and former c-level investment executives with hands-on experience with complexity and idiosyncrasy, we understand your financial and reputational risks, transforming them into confidence.

As thought-leaders, we stay on top of developments.

As fully independent non-executive directors with a focus on investment and managerial risk and avoiding conflicts of interest, we provide a quantum leap in governance quality and risk mitigation to your board or committee.

Anywhere: whatever jurisdiction, whatever firm or legal structure and almost whatever investment or technology strategy (but if we don’t understand it, we’ll not do it)

In the investment, fintech and fiduciary world, we are unique