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Alpha Governance Partners, the only jurisdiction-agnostic, conflict of interest-free, high-value-add partnership provides professional fiduciaries to any financial and fintech entity. Clients include banks, wealth managers, asset managers, investment funds, fund management companies, charities, family office vehicles, supra-nationals, pension funds and fintech incl. blockchain. Aiming to support investment governance quality, our focus is risk governance

Cadman, T. (2011) Quality and legitimacy of global governance: case lessons from forestry. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, p.5

This means that as directors we strive for appropriate robustness of both:

  • investment risk management focused on market-, credit- and counterparty-, liquidity-, operational- and especially transverse risks.
  • managerial risk management, such as technology- (incl. cyber-), conduct-, outsourcing-, legal-, transition- and reputational risk, which all loom all around the investment setup.

We call this extended enterprise risk management, and, in our mind, risk is always idiosyncratic. In the face of complexity and done well, this is a highly-demanding job.

Cullen, M. and Brennan, N. (2017) “Differentiating control, monitoring and oversight: Influence of power relations on boards of directors – insights from investment fund boards”, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 30(8), pp.1867-1894.

As directors, we tailor our role to client’s wishes:

Besides offering the professional AGP-partner network, one of the main functions of our directors is managing conflicts of interest, which are often baked into the investment setup. These become especially apparent in times of stress where reputation and financial results can come under pressure.

By fulfilling our fiduciary roles as directors, we protect all stakes including of course investors, investment managers and investments, we want our clients to be successful (and they normally are!). Outcomes of our work include:

  1. Improved governance and board dynamics
  2. Aligned strategy and risks
  3. Increased independence and confidence
  4. Higher standard of (regulatory) compliance
  5. Mitigated investment and operational risks
  6. Protection of assets and investment results
  7. Building resilience, shielding from litigation 
  8. Added credibility, enabling capital protection

Our risk governance approach

At AGP we are convinced that good quality governance consists of  personal excellence, and a well-structured approach which gets implemented. Governance is action!

1. A sound fiduciary decision

A director is required to pass excellent judgment. A fiduciary decision is sound when it captures moral and technical considerations in a reflective manner.

2. The risk governance process

As stakeholders’ interests and risks change, risk governance is a process that adapts continuously to ensure that fiduciary responsibilities are being met.

3. The risk governance implementation

Risk governance is not abstract but very to-the-point and needs implementation where the investment rubber meets the road.  

Cullen, M. & Ennis, F. (2019) Investment fund governance toolkit, Certified Investment Director Institute, Dublin

Some Case studies:

Here we present two case studies and how AGP-directors were of service. Of course, we have many examples, all situations are bespoke.