Our Partnership

Alpha Governance Partners is the first and only fiduciary governance partnership of its kind:

  • global and jurisdiction-agnostic
  • conflict-free and high-end
  • independent and risk-focused

We focus solely on providing high value-add professional fiduciaries with credible c-level investment and risk expertise to any vehicle investing in, allocating to and overseeing complex investments and technology platforms. We are not tied to any jurisdiction and hold positions around the world, currently across over a dozen jurisdictions. Our model is uniquely focused on pure governance with no additional ancillary services so as to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

What is true about all AGP-directors?

1. Extensive hands-on experience as Chief Investment-, Risk, Financial- and Operating Officer, specifically with 

  • all major and not so major off-shore and on-shore domiciles globally,
  • a variety of asset classes such as hedge funds and quant, private debt and equity, emerging and frontier markets, crypto and blockchain, insurance-linked, real estate and other strategies with specific idiosyncratic risk
  • variety of legal vehicles, corporations and technology platforms in various stages of their life cycle, such as asset managers, wealth managers, family offices, supranationals, management companies, insurance vehicles, foundations, charities, holding structures and fintechs

2. Superbly educated in their many fields, providing thought leadership and remaining up to date through ongoing involvement in academia, think tanks and active roles in professional organizationsĀ 

3. Globally networked  in the investment and fintech industry at large, across allocators, investors, regulators, investment managers, and service providers 

4. High integrity: not engaging in conflicts of interest, strange incentive structures and humble

5. Bringing the whole deep pool of partnership resources to the client, if so desirableĀ